What's New

What's New in the latest version — Font Awesome 4.0

Font Awesome is always getting a little awesome-er. So here's what's new in the latest version, Font Awesome 4.0. Have some ideas for new features? Help contribute.

Completely Rewritten

Everything re-written from the ground up for speed and simplicity.

CSS Best Practices

New icon base class allows simpler CSS, faster rendering, and easier control.

New Icon Names

Icons have been renamed to improve consistency and predictability.

Bootstrap 3

Font Awesome 4.0 is fully tested and compatible with Bootstrap 3.

Better Compatibility

Font Awesome is now more compatible with all web frameworks, including Foundation.

11 New Icons in 4.0

Requested by the active community on the Font Awesome GitHub project.


A desire for better icon naming consistency and predictability are at the heart of the changes in naming conventions. Once you know the name of the base icon shape, you should be able to predict the names of variants.


Solid icons as the base variant

  • fa-bookmark
  • fa-comment
  • fa-folder


Outlined version of previous modifier

  • fa-bookmark-o
  • fa-comment-o
  • fa-folder-o


Circle under previous modifier

  • fa-check-circle
  • fa-exclamation-circle
  • fa-plus-circle


Square under previous modifier

  • fa-check-square
  • fa-twitter-square
  • fa-plus-square

*-right, *-up, etc.

Directional modifier always at the end

  • fa-arrow-right
  • fa-arrow-circle-right
  • fa-angle-double-right


Alternative to the original

  • fa-unlock-alt
  • fa-list-alt
  • fa-github-alt

*-h, *-v

Horizontal & vertical modifiers

  • fa-arrows-v
  • fa-arrows-h
  • fa-ellipsis-v

Combine 'em up...

Consistent when strung together

  • fa-arrow-circle-o-right
  • fa-caret-square-o-right
  • fa-hand-o-right

For complete documentation of the syntax changes in 4.0, check out the examples. For the changes to icon names, @gtagliala has put together a great wiki page that documents all the changes.

You asked, Font Awesome delivers with 11 shiny new icons in version 4.0. Want to request new icons? Here's how.